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There are over 1000 Freemasons in some 60 lodges and chapters who meet at the Staines Masonic Hall.

     A unique institution with global membership

People from all walks of life become Freemasons for a variety of reasons. Some are attracted by the valuable work that the movement performs in raising money for charity.  A proportion of these funds is used to assist Freemasons and their dependents in times of need, particularly the sick and elderly, but the greater part goes to non Masonic charities – local, national and international.  Others become Freemasons because of the unique fellowship it provides.  Visit a Masonic lodge anywhere in the country, or indeed the world, and you are greeted as an old friend.  Freemasonry is the ultimate leveler, a society where friendship and goodwill are paramount.

Staines Masonic Hall is a great place to be a Freemason.

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